Tuesday, December 8, 2009


Haven't posted in a while again. Falling back into old habits, losing and not thinking being the 2 main ones. As I mentioned in my last post I took a bit of a break from plo and started back into the sngs. They're going relatively well. After a few smallish tourney scores I had my roll back up to $1500 this morning, fine and dandy.

I ended up playing a shitload of 1c-2c nl for the 2 billionth hand thing on i-poker. Came within 34 hands, which I think means I get into a freeroll of some sort, we'll see anyway. I actually had a bit if fun 12 tabling 2nl, just didn't fold a draw or a pair and finished up $40. I started playing the $2.5k $7 r/around then and ended up finishing 22nd when 20 get paid. Thats as well as 2 min cashes in tourneys last night which is always annoying.

Decided to play a bit of 50plo later anyway and the poker gods were not on my side. I'm only 4 tabling 50plo, thinking a bit more and playing a lot better (even getting my red line relatively flat woot), but still not running good. It's funny how a few flips or 80/20s can have such a bearing on moving up. I basically lost 3 stacks where sets were <>

I'm gonna try get back on track with the auld posting anyway. Hopefully have one describing my massive winning day tomorrow.


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  1. Hey keep up the good work,

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