Tuesday, December 8, 2009


Haven't posted in a while again. Falling back into old habits, losing and not thinking being the 2 main ones. As I mentioned in my last post I took a bit of a break from plo and started back into the sngs. They're going relatively well. After a few smallish tourney scores I had my roll back up to $1500 this morning, fine and dandy.

I ended up playing a shitload of 1c-2c nl for the 2 billionth hand thing on i-poker. Came within 34 hands, which I think means I get into a freeroll of some sort, we'll see anyway. I actually had a bit if fun 12 tabling 2nl, just didn't fold a draw or a pair and finished up $40. I started playing the $2.5k $7 r/around then and ended up finishing 22nd when 20 get paid. Thats as well as 2 min cashes in tourneys last night which is always annoying.

Decided to play a bit of 50plo later anyway and the poker gods were not on my side. I'm only 4 tabling 50plo, thinking a bit more and playing a lot better (even getting my red line relatively flat woot), but still not running good. It's funny how a few flips or 80/20s can have such a bearing on moving up. I basically lost 3 stacks where sets were <>

I'm gonna try get back on track with the auld posting anyway. Hopefully have one describing my massive winning day tomorrow.


Thursday, November 26, 2009


As the title suggests I've been in spew mode for the last week or so, playing bad and losing consistently. Consequentially I've returned to my spiritual home (for a few days anyway, until I remember how crushing they can be), the 6 max turbo SNG. These are pretty much the only games I've beaten consistently over a big enough sample, so I'm gonna try get back into them and see how it goes. Plus you rake a shitload (my real source of income).

I'm playing the $10 and $20s at the moment but plan on just playing the $20s when I get my RB. To get back into the swing of things I'm just playing them in blocks of 6, seems to be the best way for me to keep concentration. They really are very funny though, I've played about 50 since starting back. I remember exactly why I quit playing them but also how much fun they can be at times, not a lot of people will agree with the second part.

Anyway off to grind. Might be playing a .10c-.20c home game tonight which will be a bit of craic.

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Overdue Post

The last week's been a major disaster really, so didn't feel like posting much. I dropped about 17 buyins in 3k hands. That's a pretty spectacular feat if I do say so myself. The downswong came at the same time as the disappointment of the world cup qualifiers, needless to say I was pretty depressed.

The match itself was actually a lot of fun, until we got knocked out obviously. The worst part was the realisation the next day that we're going to be spending the Summer half heartedly watching the rest of the world competing for the World Cup. If we had qualified we'd be guaranteed at least 3 decent nights out, nights of expectation, of hope, of excitement, accompanied by lots of alcohol and ultimately that all to familiar feeling of disappointment. No doubt this would manifest itself amongst certain quarters some in vitriolic racist attacks on whoever knocked us out. Or a retarded Facebook campaign. Probably both actually.

Played a few tournies today and scooped 2 which wasn't a bad strike rate. They were both PPP exclusives and decent little games. The $25 6 max had a nice little overlay actually which was sweet. Only played a few hundred hands of cash and won 2 buyins which was nice for a change. The roll's sitting around $1100, not quite where I want it but barring any more major disasters I'll start taking a few shots at 50plo when I get my rakeback at the end of the month. 16k hands more to play this month to hit my target of 40k!! Dunno if i'll make it but i'll give it a lash

/off to watch Mad Men

Tuesday, November 17, 2009


Lazy day again today, I only played 1293 hands, bringing my total amount of hands for the month up to 17059, still off the target of 40k. With a good bit of grinding in the next 2 weeks though I reckon I can make it. I'll be really happy with myself if I do to be honest, it's solid volume while only 6 tabling. I may add a table or 2 more soon, Feel like i'm starting to play a lot better. My big leak at the moment is giving people too much credit in their ability to fold---ie bluffing stations. Need to work on that an d just give up sometimes v the really cally players. I upped my 3b % a bit more, hope to get it around 7%, atm it's languishing at a nitty 4.5%. Must try harder.

Hope to get a good bit of a grind in tommorow daytime, as the night will be dedicated to crying over a pint. I'm really trying not to get too optimistic for Ireland's hopes of qualification. Being overly pessimistic is definitely the way to go imo it'll make the Sean St. Ledger's hat-trick that little bit sweeter. Although our chances are slim, it's still possible to hit that one outer, so come on lads. One time and all that Jazz.

Ran pretty good today again, but I really don't think you EV line is that good an indicator of how your running, although it is nice to use it as an excuse when your playing bad.

Monday, November 16, 2009

Getting Back Into It

Ugh I've been lazy. My target of 40k hands this month is looking very very optimistic right now. Before today i'd only played a few hundred hands and some tournaments, none of which I cashed in since last Thursday. There was obvious distractions, a very drunken night out in the Sugar Club for the IADT graduation on Wednesday, and the consumption of copious amounts of alcohol again on Saturday to ease the inevitable pain of the France game.

So it wasn't really until today that I recovered properly and had a bit of time. I did get in pretty much 2k hands which is good, and got out of a hole to break even pretty much which sometimes feels better than winning. Not today though. Felt I didn't play well, lost all concentration etc etc. Anyway, there's always tomorrow. I plan on getting up relatively early for the grind, but we'll see how that goes. Kinda fucked my roll a bit playing a lot of tournaments very badly which is annoying, accompanied by a few losing cash sessions and i'm back down to 1.2k or so, pretty annoying as I was hoping on moving up to 50plo earlier last week. Anyway, nothing I can do about it now really except grind it out again. I bought 400k hands from hand hq so i'm going to load them up tonight and hopefully start making the most of my HUD etc. I played the feeder to the Fitz mega sat tonight and came 4th, getting back my buyins basically, felt like I was getting owned in a lot of spots but never went to showdown so not sure if they were just running good or not. Didn't enjoy it anyway. I'll probably play one more of these if I get a chance, and if not, just the EOM sat.

Here's a ridiculously swongy graph from today..The big upswing after about 1800 hands was form getting it in with top set 4 ways on a 968 flush draw flop, v 710xx twice and kk24 (lol) for the K hi fd, managed to pair up on the river which was sweet.

Until tomorrow...

Wednesday, November 11, 2009


Bit of a meh day, but did get in a lot of hands 1988 to be precise. I also got my 3b% up to 7.3% for today which i'm happy with. Not much else to say really. Heading out tonight on the piss for what would be my graduation if I hadn't of dropped out, should be a good night anyway. Ship the +1 buyin day imo...

Tuesday, November 10, 2009


Big losing day today reversing yesterday, sound. Headed into the Fitz for the tourney tonight cause I didn't feel like grinding. Never really got going again, ended up shoving 66 into 99 gg wp. I'd definitely play more live tournies if i lived in town. They're just such a pain in the ass to get into and home from. Anyway, graph from today. It doesn't make pretty reading, needless to say I won't be moving up to plo50 yet.